Small plane en route to Chino Airport crash lands on Ontario dairy property

 (Champion photo by Josh Thompson)

Ontario Fire Department firefighters survey the scene of a small plane that crash landed on a dairy property in Ontario while en route to land at Chino Airport Wednesday morning. The pilot was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

The pilot of a Cessna 150 suffered minor injuries Wednesday morning after she forced her single-engine plane onto a vacated dairy property in Ontario after experiencing engine trouble while trying to land at Chino Airport, Ontario Police said.

The pilot’s name, age and city of residence was not released, but she was taken to a hospital for treatment, said Ontario Police Officer Sequoia Payton.

“We don’t know yet where she was coming from because we have not yet been able to get a statement from her,” the officer said. “It was determined it was a forced landing due to engine trouble, but we are not sure what engine trouble she was having or experiencing.”

Ontario Police received calls from witnesses around 9:46 a.m. about a small plane that had landed in the dairy property off Ontario Ranch Road and Broadway Avenue, just east of Archibald Avenue.

Officers spotted the plane rested against a metal fence with its left wing tipped onto the dirt.

“She was coming southbound over the houses,” Officer Payton said. “She was really low. We know that she went under the hanging electrical wires and missed the power poles. So, it was really good flying for her.”

The dairy owner told Ontario Police officers the cows had been moved off the property just two weeks ago.

The National Transportation Safety Board will work with the Ontario Police Department on the investigation, Officer Payton said.

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