The Chino Planning Commission Monday narrowly approved a Chino Valley school district proposal for a 59,798-square-foot administration building at 13461 Ramona Ave., and a 325,000-square-foot warehouse on 14 acres on Yorba Avenue, between Schaefer and Chino avenues.

The Chino City Council on Tuesday, May 4 will make a decision on the zone change and general plan amendment which is required for approval.

Construction could begin within 90 days, said Greg Stachura, Chino Valley school district assistant superintendent.

Developer Xebec Building Company agreed to build both buildings at no cost to the school district in exchange for a 66-year lease on the warehouse.

Offices will be built on both the north and south ends of the warehouse to accommodate one or two users. 

Opposition votes

Planning Commission Chairman Brandon Blanchard and Commissioners Jody Moore and Kevin Cisneroz voted against the project, citing a lack of a turning lane into the warehouse from Yorba Avenue, which has one northbound and one southbound lane.

Mr. Blanchard said congestion would occur on Yorba without a dedicated turning lane. “I am concerned that traffic along Yorba will accumulate, creating a bottleneck that obstructs traffic flow,” he said.

Mr. Cisneroz was also concerned about traffic. 

“Future traffic is the number one concern expressed by our residents,” he said.

Only one resident addressed the commission, citing traffic concerns, particularly from trucks.

Mr. Moore said the district administration building is “a needed project that has been a long time coming,” but he was concerned about increased warehouse traffic.

“I think it’s going to be a bottleneck,” he said. “There needs to be a right-hand turn lane for trucks coming southbound on Yorba. “I’m not sure the long-term growth was taken into considering from the traffic study.”

Commissioners Walt Pocock, Jimmy Alexandris, Steve Lewis and Robert Nastase voted in favor of the project.

Mr. Lewis said based on the traffic study, he didn’t think traffic was an issue.

City of Chino transportation manager Dennis Ralls said on Thursday that, “With the project expected to generate no more than 15 actual peak hour truck trips, the need for the pocket was not considered. Further, a right-turn pocket would likely involve right-of-way dedication from adjacent property owners and we cannot condition a project to affect the right-of-way from another property owner.”

He continued, “The right-of-way dedications this project will make along Yorba Avenue with the widened street improvements will be sufficient to accommodate this project and is consistent with the General Plan’s buildout needs for the area.”

Traffic study

A traffic study by Stantec Consulting Services Inc. included truck traffic as part of the analysis.

Mr. Ralls said the warehouse is expected to produce 877 average daily vehicle trips and the administration building is projected to produce 477 total average daily vehicle trips. 

Mr. Ralls said a daily average of 168 semi-trucks with attached trailers are projected from the industrial site.

Designated truck routes

Trucks must use designated truck routes to get to the facility. From the south, trucks will use Grand/Edison Avenue, Chino Hills Parkway, Central Avenue, and Euclid to Schaefer avenues.

From the north, trucks will use Riverside Drive to Ramona Avenue to Chino Avenue.

Warehouse design

The building will be 81 feet from the property line, 92 feet from the back of curb, with a 5-foot sidewalk and 6-foot parkway between the curb and property line.

Access to the site will be from three driveways on Yorba. The north and south driveways will accommodate truck traffic and lead directly to the secure yard area at the rear of the site. 

All truck and trailer parking stalls will be at the rear of the site, out of public view.

Parking will be adjacent to Yorba along the front of the building as well as at the north and south ends of the property. 

There will be parking stalls for 328 vehicles. 

The middle driveway is designed for passenger vehicle access only and provides direct access to the parking in front of the building. 

District headquarters

The administration offices at 5130 Riverside Drive were previously part of the old Chino High School campus with some buildings completed in 1936.

The school district offices moved into the facility in 1980.  

Mr. Stachura said the district will continue to operate transportation and a few other services on Riverside Drive. Ware Malcomb Architects was hired by the developer to design the administration building which will have a modern architectural appearance.

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