An image of a granulated activated carbon filtration system

An image of a granulated activated carbon filtration system

A $5 million “granular activated carbon” filtration system that will remove a chemical known as 1,2,3-TCP from water will be built on a strip of land on the Boys Republic property in Chino Hills, adjacent to the booster station on Eucalyptus Avenue, west of the old fire station at the 71 Freeway. 

The plant was approved by the Chino Hills City Council on March 9. 

Similar treatment facilities have been built in Chino.

Chino Hills community development director Joann Lombardo provided the following responses to a resident who asked several questions about the plant’s potential impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

Ms. Lombardo stated that an environmental assessment was prepared that evaluated the potential significant impacts of the plant as required by the State of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 

The assessment addressed the concerns raised by the resident, she said.

Q: What are health risks to the surrounding environment? 

A: The plant is in fact a mitigation for 1,2,3-Trichloropropane, which is a chemical that has been identified in groundwater throughout the region. 

The plant works very much like a Brita filter, running water through the filters to remove the chemical. 

Periodically, similar to a Brita filter, the plant filters will be removed and replaced by a certified supplier that will either regenerate or demolish the filters in accordance with state guidelines.

There are no health risks to the surrounding environment. In fact, this plant will help restore the environment.

Q: Will toxins be released into the air which could negatively impact human tissue? 

A: No contaminants are released from the filters and toxins are not released into the air and do not negatively impact human tissue.

Q: Will there be a distasteful, displeasing odor released which will be detectable to the humans living in the area? 

A: There are no detectable odors associated with the 1,2,3-TCP removal water treatment plant.

Q: Will the health of the young boys living in the transitional housing right next to this proposed plant be compromised? 

A: As noted above, there are no health risks to the surrounding environment, including the boys living in the adjacent housing.

Q: Will the health of the citizens living in the neighborhoods along Eucalyptus be compromised? 

A: As noted above, there are no health risks to the surrounding environment, including persons living in the neighborhoods along Eucalyptus.

Q: What are the plans to keep this sort of structure aesthetically pleasing to the surrounding neighborhoods? 

A: The plant will be constructed behind the existing trees on Eucalyptus and will be screened with additional trees and landscaping.

Q: What type of noise pollution will arise from this facility?  How will this affect the young boys living adjacent to this chemical plant?  

A: The plant is not a chemical plant. It is a water treatment plant designed to remove a chemical from the groundwater. There is no notable noise from the plant. 

Q: What will be the height of this structure? 

A: The carbon vessels of the plant will be between 18 to 20 feet tall, located behind existing and added trees. 

Q: Will chemicals leak into the ground or negatively impact the young boys? 

A: There are no negative impacts associated with the plant. To the contrary, the plant will remove chemicals from the groundwater and help to restore the quality of groundwater in Chino Hills.

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Thank you for this article. These were good questions and the responses definitely calm the concerns.

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