Modern self-storage building rises in Chino Hills

Construction crews work on a three-story self-storage facility on Soquel Canyon Parkway and Fairfield Ranch Road. They have completed the exterior walls of the first floor and have started the interior steel stud construction that will support the second floor, according to building official Winston Ward.


A contemporary three-story 130,149-square-foot self-storage facility is emerging on the southwest corner of Fairfield ranch Road and Soquel Canyon Parkway.

Located just east of Hotel Chino Hills, the modern, indoor facility is dwarfing the Starbucks and Denny’s in the small retail center.

A 2,000-square-foot portion of the building will include a guest lobby and office area for copying, packaging, and shipping, locker units for inventory storage, and a glass-enclosed conference room.

The remaining 128,149-square-feet of the building will include between 850 and 950 rental storage units ranging in size from 5 feet by 5 feet to 10 feet by 30 feet.

 Modern office

The facility, to be named “The Storage District,” is designed to look like a modern office, according to the developer.

The exterior will include split face rock at the base, faux windows with shutters, accent lighting, black and white stucco wall segments, and black and grey trim panels.

The project’s developer told the city council during meetings two years ago that her company invested $15 million into the project that will improve the visual character of the business park.

She noted that it had become a site for illegal dumping, overnight long-haul truck parking, and several non-working parking lot lights.

A few high-profile crimes have occurred on the property of Hotel Chino Hills which is nearby.

Councilman Brian Johsz, who lives in the district where the facility is located, voted against the project because he said he could not support a mini-warehouse across the street from single-family homes. 

Councilman Peter Rogers was initially skeptical because of concerns about a bulky, four-walled warehouse but voted to support the project after looking over the architectural design that he said looks very different from traditional storage facilities.

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