Producer and lead actor Jordan L. Sanders

Producer and lead actor Jordan L. Sanders plays the part of Danny in the film “Fragile Heart.” He is shown on the set under the 71 Freeway overpass in Chino.

What looked like a homeless encampment under the 71 Freeway overpass at Pipeline Avenue in Chino turned out to be a movie set for a film called “Fragile Heart” written and produced by Chino Hills resident Steven G. Lowe.

The movie is about homelessness, grief, mental illness, and self-worth.

Several tents were installed in the same spot where homeless people have been known to gather, prompting residents to express concerns that an encampment was expanding.

A small sign that stated “filming in progress” at the set entrance was not visible to commuters.

A homeless man was disgruntled while the movie set was assembled because his territory was being infringed upon, said Salina Bartunek-Andrews, line producer/UPM manager.

Filming began Monday and concluded Friday, and was shot in Chino Hills, Chino, Santa Ana, and other areas.

Ms. Bartunek-Andrews said the film is a redemptive story with two main characters who have been through tragedy and trauma, one who wants to make the world a better place, and the other who is traumatized and stuck.

She said it is an action film that encompasses the genre of the movie “Pay it Forward.”

“The message is for people to rise up and take care of their family,” she said. “Be very proactive.”

Lead actor and producer Jordan L. Sanders plays the part of Danny, who is homeless by choice because he is looking after his brother who is homeless with mental illness.

Danny eventually takes his brother off the streets and cares for him.

The film is dedicated in loving memory to Mr. Sanders’ brother who struggled with homelessness and mental illness.

At Christmastime, he was struck by a car and killed.

“A big issue with a lot of people is they’re unable to truly receive, because they struggle with seeing their value,” Mr. Sanders said. “We want the film to address that.”

Information: fragileheart

Instagram: @fragileheart themovie.

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