Former tennis court at Vellano Park

Black poles and fencing have been installed on the former tennis court at Vellano Park to separate the four proposed pickleball courts. The white area shown at the end of the court (right) is patchwork in preparation for resurfacing and restriping.

The late September completion date for the pickleball court conversion project at Vellano Park was delayed after the posts originally identified to support the nets were found to be incompatible with the existing concrete surface.

“At this time, we are waiting on the production of the posts to be able to move into the next steps of construction,” said city spokesperson Nicole Freeman. “We look forward to welcoming the community to enjoy the new pickleball courts as soon as we are able to do.”

So far, the black poles and fencing have been installed to separate the four pickleball courts, as shown in above photo.

After the new posts and nets are installed, the court will be resurfaced and restriped to distinctly show the four pickleball courts, Ms. Freeman said.

The 3.5-acre park is located on Aviano Lane on the south side of Woodview Road in the Vellano Country Club Development, but it is a city-owned neighborhood park with a basketball court and other amenities.

The tennis court is considered by the city to be one of the most underused parks for tennis in Chino Hills.

Four years ago, residents in the pickleball community because an effort to bring permanent courts to the city and Vellano Park was eventually chosen.

The city closed the court July 26 to begin construction on the four courts at a cost of $100,000, including lighting that will be installed at a later time.

According to the fiscal year 2021-22 capital improvement budget, the project description for the Vellano pickleball courts consists of resurfacing and restriping the court, replacing the existing windscreen, repairing the fence, and removing the in ground tennis net poles.

It also includes installing six to eight in ground poles and nets, installing a 3-foot-high fence to separate each pickleball court, installing benches, and installing lights at a later date. 

The $100,000 cost includes $90,000 from the general fund and $10,000 from the Vellano lighting and landscape fund. 

A portion of the costs will be funded by a grant of $20,036 that originated from the Parks and Water Bond Act of 2018 (Proposition 68) in which the city will pay a 20 percent match amounting to $5,009. 

The $20,036 grant will be deducted from the $90,000 taken from the general fund for a total general fund amount of $69,964. 

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