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Chino police officers investigate the fatal officer-involved shooting of a 41-year-old Chino man July 30 about a block south of the Chino Police Department on 10th Street, just north of Walnut Avenue. The suspect, who police said was armed with a knife, died at the scene. Body-cam footage, photographs and 9-1-1 calls of the July 30 shooting and an April 1 non-fatal officer-invovled shooting of a escapee from a Federal Bureau of Prisons re-entry center were released earlier this month by the Chino Police Department. The videos can be found on by searching "Chino Police Department."

Photographs, 9-1-1 calls and body-cam video were released Nov. 5 by Chino Police Department on two officer-involved shootings that took place this year, including the fatal shooting of a 41-year-old Chino man just a block away from the department’s headquarters.

The videos can be viewed YouTube at noPDBriefing4-1-20 and Briefing7-30-20.

Viewer discretion is advised since the videos show the suspects being shot.

“The Chino Police Department remains committed to transparency,” a Chino Police statement read on Nov. 5. “The use of force is a matter of critical concern, both to the public and the police department."

One video briefs the fatal officer-involved shooting of a 41-year-old Chino man on July 30 on 10th Street, north of Walnut Avenue, just a block south of the Chino Police Department headquarters.

The man, identified as Greg Hardy Jr., called Chino police dispatch around 3:30 p.m. stating he wanted to meet with a police officer about threatening text messages he received.

“I’m in my car right now, kinda outside the station. I wanted to just talk with an officer and see if it’s something I needed to be worried about,” Mr. Hardy told the dispatcher.

The dispatcher asked the man if he could pull into a parking space in front of police headquarters, but he said he was afraid to because he felt the threatening messages were possibly coming from “organized crime or something.”

The dispatcher then asked “so are they telling you not to go to the police? Is that why you are afraid to come to the department.”

Mr. Hardy answered, “Yeah, I don’t wanna, kinda, you know. This is as close as I want to get without looking like I’m snitching or something.”

An officer met with the man by walking up to the parked pickup truck. The driver was still inside his vehicle but got out when the officer went back to his patrol car.

The video shows the man armed with a large knife in his right hand and part of a firearm in his left hand.

The officer twice demanded the man to “put it down,” but the man twice told the officer “kill me.”

When the armed man continued to walk towards the officer, the officer fired four shots. The man died at the scene. 

“Officers undergo significant training on how to provide aid, and officers immediately began rendering aid once it was safe,” police stated on the video. “Paramedics were also called to the scene to render additional aid. Unfortunately, the suspect succumbed to his injuries.”

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is handling the investigation. 

April 1, 2020 


Chino police shot and wounded a 39-year-old Chino man at a Jurupa Valley business while investigating a lead to find him, following his escape in February from a Federal Bureau of Prisons re-entry center in El Monte.

Investigators found Raymond Villa at the business in the 6100 block of Etiwanda Avenue and tried to take him into custody when the 11:06 a.m. shooting occurred.

Mr. Villa suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken into custody. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police officers converged on the business and surrounded the man, who was inside an SUV.

Mr. Villa turned his vehicle toward one of the officers and quickly accelerated. That is when officers opened fire.

Officers later located two handguns inside the suspect’s car. 

Mr. Villa was treated at Riverside Community Hospital and later taken into federal custody by the Marshals Office, police said.

The incident is being investigated by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. 

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