City of Chino Hills

Eighty-eight names are on a list of people and businesses who have unclaimed funds with the City of Chino Hills.

The money has been held by the city for three or more years in the unclaimed property account.

In July, the city sent 99 letters to the last known addresses and only 11 responses were received.

Of the $8,000 total, the largest amount owed is $883 to former Chino Hills resident and longtime Polynesian dance instructor Virginia Sosa, who died in 2016. 

Other large amounts owed are $809 to Solar City of Riverside, $605 to Trident Contractors, Inc. of Huntington Beach, $382 to Gorilla Corporation of Rancho Cucamonga, $334 to CH-Central, LLC of Beverly Hills, $276 to Solar Service Center of Perris, $276 to Solcius of Riverside, $257 to Site Assessment, Design of Long Beach and $250 to Chino Hills Aquatics Booster with the address of 15024 Calle Verano in Chino Hills.

Smaller amounts waiting for Chino Hills residents are $160 for Qinghui Zhou of Torrey Pines Drive, $134 for Patricia Zegarowski at 4195 Chino Hills Parkway, $100 for Ana Marrero of Ash Circle, $97 for Jeffrey Sun of Saratoga Lane, $85 for Wenlong Bai of Cottonwood Trail, $71 for Fan Pan of Woodbridge St., $65 for Yu Yan of Torrey Pines Drive, $64 for Sei Goo of Versante Terrace, $63 for Li Rao of Alder Place, $61 for Francis Chan of Saratoga Lane and $60 for Verena Weissinger of Monterey Avenue.

For a complete list of names, see the legal section in this edition of the Champion. The names were also published in the Sept. 14 edition.

Under law, the city must publish the list of names for two consecutive weeks in a local newspaper. 

The funds will become the property of Chino Hills if not claimed by Nov. 20. 

A claim form must be submitted. 

Information: 364-2600.

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