San Bernardino County received 484 units of a new COVID-19 antibody therapy treatment that could reduce hospitalization for people infected with the virus, county officials announced Nov. 13.

“This medication will allow our county to treat a significant share of our high-risk patients who do not require hospitalization,” said San Bernardino County’s Acting Public Health Officer Dr. Erin Gustafson. “We are hopeful that this therapy will help residents who can take it to recover quickly from the virus.”

The therapy, called Bamlanivimab, is being distributed to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in the county. 

Chino Valley Medical Center has not yet received any units as of Thursday, said Chief Nursing Officer Cheryl Gilliatt.  

Bamlanivimab will only be available to patients with mild to moderate virus symptoms and meet certain criteria, county officials said.

They are:

•Have chronic kidney disease.

•Have diabetes

•Have immunosuppressive disease

• Are currently receiving immunosuppressive treatment

•Are 65 years of age

•Are 55 years of age and have cardiovascular disease, hypertension or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or another chronic respiratory disease.

•Children ages 12 to 17  must have a body mass index over the 85th percentile, or have sickle cell disease, congenital or acquired heart disease, neurodevelopmental disorders such as cerebral palsy, or a medical-related technological dependence including tracheostomy, gastrostomy or positive pressure ventilation, or asthma.

The therapy is not available for patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19, require oxygen therapy because of COVID-19, or anyone using a baseline oxygen flow.

“For instance, a person with diabetes who tests positive for COVID-19 in the emergency room and does not need to be admitted could receive the IV infusion and be sent home to recover,” Dr. Gustafson said. “Medical personnel will explain the risks and benefits to patients before administering the therapy.”

The doctor added that units of Bamlanivimab will be given by the state to the county on a weekly basis until the supply from the federal government is gone.

Current COVID-19 

numbers in 

Chino-Chino Hills

The city of Chino has recorded 4,544 cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began in March. 

That number includes 1,010 cases at the California Institution for Men and the California Institution for Women of inmates listed with a Chino address, according to the San Bernardino County COVID-19 dashboard.   

There have been a total of 58 deaths in Chino, which includes 20 of the 28 total deaths recorded at the California Institution for Men. 

More than 62,500 tests for COVID-19 have been administered in Chino. 

In Chino Hills, there have been 1,439 positive tests and 10 deaths, according to county numbers. 

More than 28,500 tests have been administered in Chino Hills. 

San Bernardino County has recorded 80,318 positive tests with 1,124 deaths related to COVID-19. As of this week, the county reported the second highest number of cases among counties in California, behind Los Angeles County. 

An estimated 71,319 residents have recovered, according to county numbers.  

Governor issues limited 'stay at home' orders 

Governor Gavin Newsom issued a limited 'Stay at Home Order,' in effect from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. starting tonight (Nov. 21) through Monday, Dec. 21, requiring that non-essential work, movement and gatherings stop between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.  The order covers all of Southern California.

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