Chino Hills Deputy Sheriff Thomas Mabry

Chino Hills Deputy Sheriff Thomas Mabry issues citations to illegally parked vehicles on Elinvar Drive leading up to the State Park. A fire hydrant can be seen in the background that is blocked by vehicles.

Warm weather is attracting weekend visitors to the Chino Hills State Park but are some are returning to their vehicles with a citation on their windshields.

“When the weather warmed up a couple of weeks ago, we had an increase in traffic to the State Park, which is a popular destination,” said Sgt. Laura Addy of the Chino Hills Police Department. “Once the parking was full inside the park, visitors began parking in nearby residential neighborhoods.”

In the past two weeks, the police department issued 19 citations for blocking fire hydrants and residential driveways, and parking in “no parking” areas, Sgt. Addy said. 

Elinvar Drive and Sapphire Road were lined with vehicles that spilled into nearby streets including Moonstone, Starstone and Golden roads.

Residents complained that vehicles blocked the fire hydrants on Starstone and Elinvar.

Sgt. Addy said the police received multiple complaints about traffic violations and increased patrol to combat the issues.

“We’re also making public service announcements via social media,” she said. “We will continue to patrol the area to ensure visitors and residents alike can enjoy the natural beauty of the park while maintaining traffic safety in the surrounding community.”

Claire Schlotterbeck, executive director of Hills for Everyone, the group that founded the State Park, said she visited the park with her grandson last Saturday and was surprised at the extent of the parking on the side streets.

“Inside the park, the state has been better prepared to handle the crowds with better signage and increased personnel,” she said. 

“People are still creating their own trails, going off trail and damaging the poppy fields, but I think they are learning not to—maybe a little.”

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