K.V. Kumar


The owners of 537 acres of land in Carbon Canyon who tried to propose a 53-lot development called “Hidden Oaks” have apparently given up on the project and listed the land for sale. 

The homes would have been clustered on the flat portions of the sloped parcels and most of the land would have remained open, but at least 400 oaks and walnuts would have been removed.

The estate homes, with permitted minimum lot sizes of up to 10,000-square-feet, were proposed on the south side of Carbon Canyon Road across the street from Circle K.

The land is being sold by J.R. Shah of Century 21 Discovery in Fullerton for $66,250,000 without entitlements.

The development had gone through several configurations over the past few years after residents expressed concerns about tree removal, the environment, and more congestion in the canyon.

A meeting held at the Western Hills Country Club in February just before the pandemic hit was meant to appease residents, but some remembered the land’s long history where previous developers removed hundreds of oaks and left them to die.

According to the City of Chino Hills, the applicant asked for a six-month extension and the project was placed on hold until this month.

During the meeting, consultant K.V. Kumar told residents they would be satisfied with the outcome. Mr. Kumar kept a high profile in Chino Hills during the course of the project, donating money and appearing at community events.

Project manager Jeff Weber presented a tentative map site plan showing the homes.

Residents were concerned about traffic, potential water runoff into the creek and water supply.

The developer would have had to conduct extensive environmental reviews, a tree survey, traffic study, and an evaluation of water service.

The property owner is a group of investors called Hidden Oaks Country Club, LLC.

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