Hon. Mark E. Petersen

Longtime Chino Hills resident Hon. Mark E. Petersen was selected as Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court for Riverside County, starting his two-year term on Monday, Jan. 4.

Hon. Petersen has served Riverside County Superior Court since 2006. He was elected as a court commissioner and was appointed a year later by then Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a superior court judge.

He has held assignments with the drug court for adults and minors, community-based courts, criminal trial judge, juvenile delinquency matters, and civil matters.

Hon. Petersen also served on several committees for the court that include Chairperson of the Jury Committee, Grand Jury Selection Committee, Personnel Committee and Security Committee.

He also has a position with the Juvenile Law Curriculum Committee with the Center for Judicial Education and Research with the Judicial Council of California.

His position as Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court for Riverside County will have him responsible for the oversight of juvenile courts in the county, including the cities of Riverside, Murrieta and Indio.

Before becoming a judge, he owned a personal injury law firm in Chino Hills and Claremont, worked for the Riverside County Public Defender’s office and owned a criminal defense law firm in Riverside.

Hon. Petersen holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State Long Beach, and a juris doctorate from Western State University, College of Law.

A married resident of Chino Hills since 1987, Hon. Petersen’s two children attended Ayala High School and both received college degrees from UCLA in Westwood and Biola University in La Mirada. 

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