FedEx Ground's requested parcel

FedEx Ground's plans for a parcel sorting and distribution hub on the east side of Chino Airport require approval of the City of Chino and San Bernardino County. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved.


Chino Airport has received the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration for construction of a parcel delivery facility on 139 acres abutting the eastern edge of the airport, according to operations manager Cyle Woodruff.

The site is in Chino but belongs to San Bernardino County.

Proposed is a 745,478-

square-foot sorting and dis-

tribution hub for ground parcel delivery only. No air freight is proposed into or out of Chino Airport and no home deliveries would originate from the site.

“Indianapolis-based Scannell Properties is seeking approval from the City of Chino before deciding whether to acquire the land,” said county spokesman David Wert. “If and when Scannell decides it wants to acquire the property, the Board of Supervisors will be asked to consider the use of the property for this purpose. Until then, this is a matter between Scannell and the City of Chino.”

The county’s real estate services department understands that Scannell is representing FedEx Ground on this project, Mr. Wert added. 

“FedEx continuously evaluates the needs for additional facilities and routinely talks with real estate agents, developers and government officials,” said FedEx Ground spokeswoman Nikki Mendicino. “As a matter of policy, FedEx does not publicly discuss specifics of a project until all the details have been finalized.”

Calls to Scannell were not returned.

FAA approval is required because the western and southern 63 acres of the project site fall within the airport development zone. That zone is restricted to airport and aviation related facilities, services and administration, along with incidental office uses, according to municipal code. The project calls for changing the zoning in this portion of the site to light industrial.

The remaining 76 acres of the site is within the Preserve specific plan, which is also covered by a form of zoning called an “overlay” to ensure compatibility of land uses with airport requirements.

The site is bordered on the north by Ontario. To the east is Watson Land Company’s 3.8 million-square-foot Chino warehouse project, which is nearing completion.

The City of Chino has prepared a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance study and plans an environmental impact report for the project. A portion of the property is still in dairy use, according to the study. Two dairy farm enclosures and two residential structures remain on the site, with various outbuildings.

Tractor-trailers would access the site from a 5,328-square-foot gateway building at Flight and Remington avenues.

Other structures would include a 14,028-square-foot building for trailer maintenance on the southwest corner of the parcel, and two 220-square-foot guardhouses.

The project site is approximately 4 miles west of the 15 Freeway, 3.3 miles south of the 60 Freeway and 3.2 miles northeast of the 71 Freeway.

A public meeting to gather comment on the proposed project is scheduled for 3 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12, in council chambers. The CEQA study is available at city hall. Comments can be directed to senior planner Andrea Gilbert, 334-3328.


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