Keck family

Allison and Mark Keck are relieved and joyful  to have given birth to healthy twin boys despite a high-risk pregnancy during a pandemic. They are shown with Mikah, 3, who is the big brother.

Having twins in the middle of a global health pandemic was an anxious journey for Chino residents Allison and Mark Keck.

Just days before finding out she was pregnant, Mrs. Keck lost her father-in-law, David Richard Keck, with whom she had a special bond, especially after suffering a pregnancy loss last summer.

“We felt this pregnancy was a blessing in a very dark and painful time,” Mrs. Keck said. “He always wanted us to have more than just two children, so we felt like this was his way of showing he was here with us.”

Not long after the pregnancy discovery, the Kecks found out during an ultrasound they were having twin boys.

“I was in complete and total shock,” Mrs. Keck said. “It took a few weeks to wrap my head around it.”

Her husband said the news of twins was a blessing in a dark time. “I was excited from the moment I heard the doctor say there were two heartbeats to the moment of their birth,” Mr. Keck said.

As Mrs. Keck progressed in her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a high-risk type of diabetes that causes high blood sugar in pregnant women. 

“Being high-risk with twins during this pandemic was scary enough,” said Mrs. Keck. “But going to appointments alone, worrying about getting sick and bringing babies into this world at a time like this was even more stressful.”

Mrs. Keck took the stay-at-home order seriously.

“She only left the house for appointments,” Mr. Keck said. “She was very cautious.”

She was able to spend quality time with her 3-year-old son Mikah and prepare him for the arrival of two brothers.

When the time came for the babies to be born, the Kecks headed to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’s Women’s Center. Even with the high risk of having twins during a pandemic, Mrs. Keck said she knew she was in great hands.

She got tested for COVID-19 when she checked in and the results came back within an hour.

“Being tested right off the bat made me feel more comfortable,” she said. “Just knowing how cautious everyone was at the hospital helped me with my anxieties.”

Mr. Keck said he was extremely thankful to learn he would be in the delivery room with his wife. “She was nervous to go through it alone and I wanted to be there for her for all of it,” he said.

On Sunday, May 17 the twins were born six minutes apart. They were named Mitchell Dirk and Maverick David, after her late father-in-law David Richard Keck, whose nickname was “Dirk.”

The couple took their babies home May 19 with Mikah waiting to meet his brothers.

The family attends Eastvale Vantage Point Church.

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