A loosening of regulations regarding accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Chino will go into effect April 16 after the second reading of amendments to a city ordinance were approved by the city council on March 17.

The changes to Chino’s municipal code will address the state’s recent affordable housing legislation, making it easier for homeowners to offer additional housing on their properties. 

The main changes in the ordinance relate to ADUs such as rental rooms with a private entrance, and detached and attached structures that provide tenant housing.

●ADUs will be allowed on lots with either single-family or multi-family dwellings.

ADUs are currently only allowed on lots with single-family dwellings.

●Attached ADUs may be up to 1,200-square-feet or 50 percent of the size of the primary dwelling, whichever is less. 

Detached ADUs may be up to 1,200-square-feet. 

ADUs are currently limited to 850-square-feet.

●Owners will not have to occupy the primary residence as a condition of having an ADU. 

The city of Chino currently requires that either the primary dwelling or the ADU be occupied by the owner.

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