The City of Chino Hills is asking residents to take a survey about their comfort level in participating in recreation programs, activities, and special events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 17-question survey is available on the city website at

Go to “city news” on the home page and press the right arrow until “Take the COVID Survey” appears.

The surveys are due Friday, Aug. 14.

“Our plan is only as good as the comfort level of the community,” said community services supervisor Melissa Armit addressing the Chino Hills Parks and Recreation Commission July 15. 

“It’s important to gather feedback on important safety concerns,” she said.

Ms. Armit said COVID conditions are constantly changing so the survey is based on current conditions, Stage 2, where lower risk workplaces are open, face coverings required, and six feet of physical distancing is in place.

The first and most important question asked of residents is “in what environment would you feel comfortable enough to participate in recreation classes?”

The options are: when a vaccine is available, when the State of California enters Stage 4 which is the end of the stay-at-home order, when schools reopen with students at the school site, or if all class attendees underwent a health screening before being allowed to participate.

Ms. Armit said many residents were not ready to send their children to a summer day camp program offered in Chino Hills, so the class had to be cancelled because of low enrollment.

She compared that to a summer day camp program in Yorba Linda where participation was strong.

Another question asks if residents are interested in taking virtual programs whether fee-based or free and what types of programs they are interested in.

“We feel it’s important to continue the virtual recreation program,” Ms. Armit said. “We don’t want to go silent and say we’ll see you when we’re open.”

The survey also asks if residents would consider participating in large outdoor special events where physical distancing may be difficult, such as a concert, festival, or holiday community gathering.

Commissioner Al Jackson said the survey will provide good feedback when it comes to reopening, but it would also be important to establish a plan on what would happen if an employee tested positive or if a resident came into the facility with symptoms.

Ms. Armit said outbreak plans are being developed but they are ever-changing.

Vice chairperson Samantha James-Perez said the survey is important because residents want to be reassured that the city is taking precautions. 

“We need to get the word out about what we’re doing,” she said. 

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