Future Burger King

Grading permits have been issued for a 4,500-square-foot Burger King fast-food restaurant that will be located in the vacant field on the corner of Chino Avenue and Crossroads Center enclosed with a chain-link fence. At left of the site is Buffalo Wild Wings, also shown.

Construction hasn’t stopped in Chino Hills but has slowed down somewhat because of the coronavirus.

Some of the active residential projects include the Lago Los Serranos townhome development which is nearing completion of the third phase consisting of 30 units, said building official Winston Ward.

The 95-unit project is on eight acres at the southwest corner of Ramona Avenue and Bird Farm Road.

Thirty-four units have been constructed and are occupied, 35 units are under construction, and 26 have yet to be built, Mr. Ward said.

The 75-home Hillcrest development on the former ski slope property on Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road near Circle K is nearing completion of its final phase of nine homes, Mr. Ward said.

Permits were issued in December with completion of the last phase expected in summer, he said.

Woodbridge Pacific Group, LLC opened model homes in September 2016 and asked the city five months later to hasten the installation of a traffic signal at Carbon Canyon and Canyon Hills roads because traffic on Carbon Canyon Road was scaring off potential homebuyers. 

The developer had expressed interest in financing the signal, subject to a fair share reimbursement.

The signal is in the works with Caltrans’ involvement because Carbon Canyon Road is a state highway. 


Grading is underway and underground utilities are being installed for the 130,149-square-foot indoor self-storage facility called the “Storage District” to be built on the corner of Soquel Canyon Parkway and Fairfield Ranch Road, east of Hotel Chino Hills, Mr. Ward said.

He said grading permits were issued for a 4,500-square-foot Burger King fast-food restaurant (see photo) at the Crossroads Entertainment Center at the corner of Chino Avenue and Crossroads Center next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Tenant improvement permits were issued in March for a 1,200-square-foot Kumon Learning Center in the Payne Ranch shopping center where Albertsons is located on Grand Avenue and Peyton Drive.

Certificates of occupancy were issued in March for The Things We Do, a skin care salon that offers treatments and facials in the Payne Ranch shopping center, Wendy’s fast-food restaurant in The Rincon Center on Pomona Rincon Road and Soquel Canyon Parkway, and the Chop Stop, offering salads, bowls, and wraps, also at The Rincon.

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