Calvary Chapel Chino Hill

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, located in Chino, transforms its east lawn into an outdoor worship venue.

In a series of inspirational messages to his flock in the past two weeks, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills said God is moving in a way that he has never experienced before in his 44 years of ministry.

“For this church it has been crazy amazing,” he said. “We are reaching the most amount of people ever with many thousands of people coming on Wednesdays and Sundays.”

The church, located in Chino on Eucalyptus Avenue, is attended by those not only in Chino Valley but surrounding areas.

Pastor Hibbs, a Chino Hills resident, turned the east lawn two weeks ago into an additional outdoor venue with shade awnings, an LED video wall and socially distanced seating.

He is continuing to hold indoor services.

Gov. Newsom on July 13 decreed that churches could no longer hold indoor services in most counties, including San Bernardino County.

He also ordered the closure of in-door dining, gyms, bars, and other venues.

Pastor Hibbs said there has been a senseless doubling down against the church.

The church obeyed the laws of the land for 50 days but “when the governor began to clearly target the church, that’s when we were led by the Lord and Scripture to obey God rather than man,” he said.

The church is following social distance protocols, offering hand sanitizers, providing an opportunity for people to remain in their vehicles and listen to the radio, and discouraging those who are sick from attending.

“We have seen conversions, prayers, and people weeping with joy and conviction,” he said. “I’ve never seen church like this.”

Pastor Hibbs said the new setup will remain in effect until the Lord comes back. 

“Stand strong until the end,” he said. “Jesus is coming soon, and I hope it’s today.”

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