New maps released Monday by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission have split Chino Hills into two congressional districts: 35 and 40, which the city argues would fracture the city’s identity as a single  “community of interest.” 

The City Council submitted a letter to the Commission on Wednesday stating that the maps runs afoul of the commission’s own goal of making districts geographically contiguous and keeping communities of interest intact. 

According to the map, the Los Serranos and Fairfield Ranch neighborhoods are split off from the rest of the city, with upper Los Serranos in one district and lower Los Serranos in another. 

Much of Chino Hills would fall into the newly redrawn 40th District that extends as far south as Rancho Santa Margarita.  

Republican Congresswoman  Young Kim, formerly in the 39th District, has announced she would seek re-election in District 40. 

The Los Serranos/Fairfield Ranch neighborhoods would fall into the expanded District 35 represented by Democratic Congresswoman Norma Torres who also announced she would seek re-election. 

The new boundaries include her home city of Pomona, Ontario, Montclair, and portions of Fontana, Eastvale, Upland, and Rancho Cucamonga. 

In a press release announcing her re-election, Mrs. Torres stated, “As right-wing conspiracy theorists claw their way to Congress, we need leaders to stand up for the America we know and love.” 

According to the Chino Hills City Council’s letter to the Commission, the maps carve out almost 22,000 residents from District 40 and places them in District 35. 

“This is concerning, given that the city’s population is 78,545, constituting a 27.5 percent split in representation,” stated the City Council.

The Redistricting Commission will meet from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. via Zoom on Sunday, Dec. 26 for possible certification of the maps, with public comments accepted. 

To attend the meeting via livestream, visit wedrawtheli

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