Students from Lisa Moe’s fourth grade class at Butterfield Ranch Elementary in Chino Hills shared their plans for Thanksgiving Day with the Champion. 

Addison R.: Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day by going to my uncle’s house and sitting in bubbles on the grass. 

I never thought in my life I would ever have to do this but here we are. We haven’t really thought about how we will get our food into the bubble but it’s 2020 we can find a way. I am just very thankful that I at least can get some turkey. 

COVID has changed a lot of things but nothing can stop seeing your family and friends on a holiday even if you’re in bubbles. 

At least because of COVID there will be no double dipping. I am sure we will get to run into each other in the bubbles. I am sure that will be fun. I am positive my Uncle Andy will bring Susiecakes, which is the best cake ever and I only get it on holidays. 

Although COVID is the worst, we have to make the best of what we have even if it’s pretty weird. But it’s up to you to make the most of it! Happy Thanksgiving!


Alex G.: Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with fewer people. 

This Thanksgiving is going to be a little different. COVID has a lot of people not coming this year. 

We all need to think of positives in this time. This year, as always, we are doing Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house. 

Obviously, my Grandpa and Grandma are going to be there. The people coming with me is, my Dad, Mom, brother Robert, and my Nonie. 

Nonie is Italian for grandma. Every Thanksgiving our family has people coming from very far. 

They usually spend the night at my grandparents house. But of course this year they won’t. That means I get to spend the night there! 

Only one problem... We always play Uno Attack on Thanksgiving night. 

The grown ups will be loud, playing their games. They play other games too, but I only play Uno Attack. It is mostly the men who are loud. 

This year, many people are not coming so I get most of the rolls. They are heavenly. 

I will also hog a seat next to my almost two-year-old cousin, Joey. My Uncle Paul and Aunt Becca will come with Joey. I plan this year to have 4 slices of pie. Before my belly bursts, I will make room for more rolls. 

My dad’s cousin,Tarik has a wife named Cassie. She will have a baby around Thanksgiving time, so we can’t do our fort building. It will be very different this year but all we have to do is look for the positive. So while your family is talking about politics go steal the pie and enjoy yourself!


Chelsea:  Quick answer: nothing new. Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day at my dad’s house by eating yummy foods, including green bean casserole, turkey (hopefully not chicken this year), potatoes, and much, much more.

Then, I will celebrate Thanksgiving day at my mom’s house by just eating dinner with friends and family.

But … MY MOM ALREADY DECORATED FOR CHRISTMAS! So… she thinks it is Christmas already. Hehe... so technically we are celebrating a mini Christmas. But that is not too crazy in 2020!


Josie:  Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day by gathering with less people. 

First, I’m going to my grandma and grandpa’s (my mom’s parents’) house for lunch. My cousins (on my mom’s side) usually go too, but due to COVID, they can’t this year. 

It’s just my mom, dad, brother, grandma, grandpa, and I. 

Next, I’m going to my grandma Marilyn’s (my dad’s mom’s) house for dinner. All my cousins, (on my dad’s side) aunt, uncle, grandma, and their dog live there, so it’s very busy. 

This year, there’s going to be only 10 people there. Usually, there’s almost twice as many. Things might be different this year, but I hope I can still have a happy and fun Thanksgiving with my family.


Kassidy:  Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day by simply going out of town to get out of this mess. 

I mean, unless my friends and family stop fighting about who is the better president then maybe me and my family will sit down together and have a nice meal. But unless that happens, I am going out of state or staying at my friend’s house. 

But first I have to spray down the turkey with Lysol to protect it from COVID. If someone needs a place to stay then come on over I need somebody who is not scared to come over and someone who is not into politics. 

Look, even if you are my enemy or my frenemy, come on over. I will store a turkey in my room, you just have to sneak past my jungle full of arguing animals A.K.A my family. 

Anybody at all, do you have any money to spare because my grandparents are scared to come over. 

So I need to buy them some hamster balls they can sit and eat in so they don’t get COVID. If you don’t have spare money, they can always stand in the hallway with masks and gloves on. 

I mean, even if we do not have Thanksgiving together, we can still have Christmas. If no one has anybody for Thanksgiving then come with me and let’s leave and go to New York or Hawaii or Jamaica and not discuss politics! 

But seriously spend as much time with your family as possible. Happy Thanksgiving!


Levi:  Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day by putting gloves, a mask, and shoes on my turkey so we can go to the store. Then when we get there, we will get a shirt and pants for my turkey because they said he needs pants and a shirt to look nice for dinner. 

Then he will sit in the passenger seat, while we drive home. Then the turkey and I will play games and make a Tik Tok video. Then it will be dinner time and I will hide my new friend the turkey and instead eat mac and cheese and salad for dinner.


Nick:  Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with only my family, not my cousins. 

For Thanksgiving this year one member of the family will make a part of the feast, my mom will make cream corn, my dad will make mashed potatoes, and my sister will get the turkey and get mac and cheese. 

This year we will be doing secret Santa with just us, not the cousins.  We will do secret Santa by writing what we want in a note, and then taking a name to get presents for. Our parents won’t be doing secret Santa because they don’t want anything. 

Even though we will not be spending Thanksgiving this year with our cousins and our friends, we will still have an amazing Thanksgiving. 

It is all about having a kind, positive, “Yes I Can!” mindset!


Riley:  Due to COVID this year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day by facetiming my entire 4th grade classroom and friends, putting the tablet on a cardboard cut-out to make the tablet look like a face for every person attending Thanksgiving with me. 

I planned this with my class, family, and friends two weeks before Thanksgiving because I knew it was going to be an epic Thanksgiving for everyone I knew. “Hey, umm, can everybody listen to what I have to say! I will be having a big Thanksgiving in two weeks and I want all of you to facetime me at exactly 5:00 p.m sharp.” 

“Thank you!” I announced to the entire zoom call in the middle of break time. “Do we have to come Riley?” Someone said to me. “Well, if you want to come you can come, but you do not have to, I would like you guys to show up though,” I said to them. I convinced them to come by telling them jokes and doing fun games. 

“That was so fun! I’m totally coming to Thanksgiving with you!” Someone said to me “Yeah, me too, I’ll see you at… what time?” Another person said to me. “Yay! So just remember, try to facetime me at 5:00 p.m sharp,” I said.

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