Fred Galante

Fred Galante

The Chino City Council unanimously approved a $10 per hour raise for Chino City Attorney Fred Galante, who now earns $200 per hour. 

Mr. Galante’s salary for special service projects including litigation, franchise negotiations and solid waste issues, was also increased from $215 to $225 an hour. 

Mr. Galante of Aleshire & Wynder (A&W), had requested a five percent salary increase for himself and other attorneys at the firm that contracts with the city for specific cases.

After a closed session performance evaluation last month, the city council on Nov. 3 approved the increases through Dec. 31. 

Effective Jan. 1, 2021, an additional $5 per hour increase will be added to A&W’s hourly rate for legal services. 

Its 2017 contract with the city of Chino affords the firm a $5 per hour increase every odd year if job performance is satisfactory. 

The last increase was given in 2019.

The city council also approved through Dec. 31 an increase of $255 to $275 per hour for reimbursable rates in which a third party pays the legal expense incurred.  

According to the staff report, all funds for legal services have been budgeted for fiscal year 2020-21, so no appropriation is required at this time; however, the increases may necessitate additional appropriations before the close of the fiscal year.

Other positions receive $1 bump

To comply with the Jan. 1 minimum wage increase from $13 to $14 per hour, the city council approved new salaries for the cable TV associate, community services leader, equipment mechanic aide, maintenance worker trainee and student interns, effective the first paycheck starting January 2021.

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