While other facilities and sports activities are off limits because of the pandemic, the Chino Skate Park was bustling last week with scooter riders, skateboarders and observers, including a few parents supervising their children. 

Built in 2003 on the north side of Ayala Park near Edison Avenue, the 28,700 square-foot skate park is aging from wear and tear. 

The city of Chino has solicited input from skaters for needed repairs.   

Adrian Duque and his twin daughters Madison and Chloe, ages 9, were there Wednesday after the girls finished online school. The family lives near the skate park and the girls started riding scooters two years ago. 

Mr. Duque said with their school campus now closed, the girls miss playing outside with other kids, which they can still do at the skate park. 

The Chino resident said he hadn’t heard about the repairs and said he appreciated the city’s investment in this and other family-oriented activities in Chino.  

“I’m glad the city is doing this,” Mr. Duque said.    

City of Chino assistant project coordinator Keith Martinez said cracks in the concrete that were previously  patched are no longer holding up at the skate park.  

A consultant is developing a proposal that will include resurfacing and safety upgrades, he said. 

After the project goes to bid, work could start in mid to late January for four to six weeks, during which time the skate park would be closed. Mr. Martinez said the timeline will depend on the weather. 

Feedback shared 

For the proposal, the city solicited input from users of the skate park about areas they want to see repaired.  

Feedback was received from 25 community members during a Zoom meeting last week and from 140 surveys completed on the city’s website. 

Mr. Martinez said that during the public meeting, a flat rail was recommended.

“The flat rail must be in a spot with appropriate distance away from the surrounding manual pad and banks so it is not in the way of existing skating lines,” he said.  

Mr. Martinez said the city and consultant New Line Skateparks, Inc. provided a few options to replace the west facing stair set near the entrance to the skate park, including two step-up options or a 3-block gap, but the survey results are still out so that option has not yet been determined.  

Skateboarder Prince Gilchrist, 36, filled out a survey. 

Mr. Gilchrist, of Montclair, is a regular at the skate park, coming three to four times a week.  

“There is no other park like it in the Inland Empire in terms of size, obstacles and challenge,” he said. 

Mr. Gilchrist said surface cracks are dangerous and  his board has caught on them, causing falls.    

Omar Elattar, 28, a 2009 Ayala High graduate now living in the Walnut area, comes to the Chino park to skate about three times a week.

“I meet a ton of people here,” Mr. Elattar said. “There is something for everyone.”

He said the skate park feels “very comfortable” because it is lighted until 10 p.m. and is in close proximity to a ball field with lots of families around. 

Fence repairs approved

Last week, the Chino City Council approved spending $63,340 and authorized contingencies of up to $6,334 more to repair existing fencing that has deteriorated from exposure to the elements. 

Dash Construction Company, Inc. of Canoga Park received the low bid contract to power coat the ornamental iron and original perimeter wrought iron fence. The fence posts will be replaced with new powder coated posts and wrought iron panels will be removed to be powder coated and reinstalled. 

Skate park information 

The Chino Skate Park includes a street course, a flow course, cloverleaf with waterfall and pool with coping and tile.  

Entrance is free. Winter hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. through March. 

Scooters, at one time prohibited by the city, are now permitted. Bicycles are not allowed.  

Helmets, knee and elbow pads are required.  

Mr. Martinez said by the end of this year the city will replace all posted signs at the skate park with new signs reflecting current information.

Information: cityofchino.org.

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