Bank of America closed

The Bank of America branches in Chino on Central Avenue and Chino Hills on Chino Hills Parkway (above) shut down last weekend. The branch on Grand Avenue in Chino Hills, closed for three months, has no opening date in sight.

Customers were frustrated to find that two Bank of America branches shut down last weekend: one in Chino Hills and one in Chino.

Signs were placed on the locked doors that the banks are “temporarily closed.”

The Bank of America branch on Grand Avenue in Gateway Village that hosts a predominantly Asian community in northern Chino Hills with in-person visits, has been closed for three months.

Bank of America spokesperson Colleen Haggerty said the corporation is balancing the need to stay open with the health and wellbeing of employees.

She said there are plans to re-open the Chino branch and the Chino Hills branch on Chino Hills Parkway next week, but the exact date depends on staffing availability.

There is no scheduled opening date for the Gateway Village branch, she said. The Diamond Bar financial center can help residents who are Mandarin speakers, she said.

Ms. Haggerty said the situation is changing constantly so it is best for customers to use the branch locator tool on the website for up-to-date hours and nearest ATMs before visiting the branches. 

The website is bank

“In all cases, we work to minimize the impact of these closures to the local community,” she said. “We feel an immense responsibility to our clients and communities as an essential business.”  She said customers have access to most banking needs on a 24-hour basis through the ATMs, the mobile app, and online banking.

Branches in the Phillips Ranch area of Pomona, on Garey Avenue in Pomona, and the Ontario branch on Mountain Avenue are also temporarily closed.

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