Costco expansion

A Costco expansion project in Chino Hills will include a bigger building and food court, a new car wash, and relocation of the gas station to the former Sport Chalet building. The proposal is in a very early stage.

Costco has submitted a new application to the city of Chino Hills to expand its store from 137,610 square feet to 161,973 square feet, build a car wash, and relocate its gas station to the former Sport Chalet site at the northern end of Crossroads Marketplace on Peyton Drive at the 71 Freeway.

Costco previously attempted to relocate the 23-year-old gas station to the southwest portion of the parking lot of Lowe’s, but store management opposed the move as being too close to its main entrance.

The food court will be expanded by 587 square feet. "It appears that the condiment section will be remodeled, but we don't have sufficient information to know if it will be remodeled for food service or seating," said community development director Joann Lombardo.

The employee locker room will be expanded 2,620 square feet.

An 8,500-square-foot car wash with an equipment room and a queue for approximately 27 cars will be located at the southwestern portion of the parking lot. 

The new gas station will have 32 fueling positions and a canopy. The existing gas station will be decommissioned, and the area will be converted to an additional parking lot for Costco customers.

Traffic backup created by long lines is an everyday occurrence at the gas station where the entrance is on the main road to Crossroads Marketplace at Beverly Glen Drive. The station allows only one-way travel with an exit into the shopping center.

The Costco expansion and gas station project will require an environmental review and take approximately one year before it is submitted to the Chino Hills Planning Commission for review, Ms. Lombardo said.

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