Chino resident Donna Marchesi shares information

Chino resident Donna Marchesi shares information with a community group that opposes the development of a senior assisted living facility near their homes in unincorporated Chino. The group met Thursday morning at Chino Café to prepare for a July 28 meeting of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.   

A group of homeowners would like the San Bernardino County Planning Commission to reconsider its support of an assisted living facility proposed on three acres of land at 13225 Serenity Trail, in a residential area of unincorporated Chino. 

A dozen homeowners attended a community meeting Thursday morning, and only three said they received notice for a June 18 planning commission meeting about the project.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will meet July 28 for a final decision.    

Steven Valdez, a senior planner for San Bernardino County, said 13 notices were sent as required by ordinance to homeowners residing within 300 feet of the property. 

The county also sent notices to the City of Chino and the State Water Quality Control Board in Santa Ana, he said. 

Residents said the project impacts more homes, including some with equestrian properties in the rural residential community. 

Access in and out is only possible through two streets, Riverside Terrace and Serenity Drive off Chino Avenue. 

Armando Diaz, a Los Angeles firefighter whose family owns property in the area, said the limited road access will be a hazard during an emergency.

He said the facility will create noise disturbances  from police and ambulance sirens.     

Land Wayland, who lives on Hillview Drive South, said developer RDS Partners Inc. in Newport Beach has been inconsistent in reporting how many patients will live there. 

Mr. Valdez told the Champion that the maximum number of beds would be 139.

Mr. Wayland wants the county to re-access the numbers for staffing, traffic, parking and water usage.  

Carol Chieng, of Hillview Drive South, said there is already a parking issue on Serenity Drive, which on a typical weekday before COVID-19 has cars parked on both sides of the street.

She said cars overflow from the nearby Park and Ride lot.

Local resident Tom Fee suggested the group try to get the project moved back to the planning commission for review. 

Mr. Fee, a former city administrator and retired fire chief, has owned his home for 19 years on Riverside Terrace, which is a private road.  Homeowner Lester O’Malley said the driveway for the proposed development goes right up to his fence line.  He said the estimated water use for the facility of 15,000 gallons per day was “grossly underestimated.” 

He is also worried about property flooding and medical waste in the water runoff.

Mr. O’Malley said the county is “pushing development in the wrong area.” 

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