Central bridge

The projected cost to widen the eastbound and westbound ramps of the Central Avenue/60 Freeway overpass bridge in Chino has increased by more than $1.9 million, bringing the total cost of the project to more than $33.6 million.

The Chino City Council approved the new cost at its Feb. 4 meeting through an amendment with its project partner, the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority. Chino’s share of the project – which is expected to begin in the fall and be completed by spring 2022 – is now more than $20 million. Chino’s costs will be offset by some funding from San Bernardino County (unincorporated) and the city of Montclair because residents of those areas use the bridge.

The Authority’s share is nearly $13.6 million.

When the project was initially approved in 2014, its total cost was approximately $20.6 million, of which Chino’s share was about $12.5 million.

The Chino City Council approved an increase of nearly $11.1 million to the project in December 2018 because of the rising costs of concrete and steel.

The increase approved this month is based on updated construction costs gleaned from Caltrans’ projects to elevate three 60 Freeway bridges in Chino and to repair pavement on the freeway from Chino to Riverside, Public Works Director Amer Jakher said in a report to the council.

“The costs of this project are shocking,” said Mayor Eunice Ulloa during the Feb. 4 meeting. “I would hope this is the last increase.”

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