Mahmood Kauser

Mahmood Kauser stands in front of the mosque where he began his mission as imam on Aug. 1. The 35-year-old husband and father of three young daughters is anxious to meet the community.

When Mahmood Kauser was 3 years old, he moved with his family from New York into a farm-style house located on the property of the Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino.

Now, at the age of 35, he has returned home to Chino as the new imam. 

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Welcome Mohtram Imam Mahmood Kausar shb. It moved me how the neighbors of Chino Masjid acted at 9/11 incident. True Humanity. May Allahtalah bless them all.

Dr. V. Choudry

Welcome Murrabi Mahmood Kauser Sb. May Allah Almighty Always Bless you and your family and enable you to serve mosque, Jama’at/community and all our neighbors/friends/whole local community from All Faiths and even people without any faiths. May Allah Almighty make you the source of leadership, guidance and support for all, particularly for younger generations. May Allah Almighty make you the source to open this mosque for each and everyone in this community/area. And make you the source to open the hearts of lovely people of this area to the Great Truth Ahmadiyya has and presents; Particularly the message of Peace by practicing “LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE”, which is the cornerstone of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam’s teachings!

Thank you so much to the writer/interviewer and staff and leaders/officials of Champion Newspapers for this wonderful effort to introduce Respected Imam to the community!

Thanks a lot!

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