Marjorie Ruef with Rams great Jackie Slater

Marjorie Ruef of Chino Hills spends a moment with Rams great Jackie Slater at The Let It Be Foundation golf tournament in February.

Marjorie Ruef of Chino Hills, 81, cherishes an NFL media book presented to her in 1973 by Chuck Knox, former head coach of the Los Angeles Rams who died in 2018. 

The booklet contains the names of the NFL players, their positions, and short summaries.

Coach Knox signed his name with the words “Marjorie: Best Wishes. What a cook.”

Mrs. Ruef was one of three cooks hired in 1973 to feed almost 100 players and coaches for the Los Angeles Rams during a summer training camp at Cal State Fullerton at the former University Village across the street from the campus.

Mrs. Ruef saw a newspaper advertisement for a cook’s position and applied, thinking she would be serving university students.

Instead, she fed breakfast and lunch to the entire Rams team and coaches before and after each practice, five days a week.

Mrs. Ruef, whose parents owned a restaurant, loves cooking. The players called her their Italian cook and enjoyed her dishes.

Her husband, the late John Ruef, a Rams fan, was elated that his wife’s position allowed him to watch the team practice and train all summer.

Mrs. Ruef, who has lived in Chino Hills for 25 years, attended The Let it Be Foundation’s golf tournament Feb. 6 at Los Serranos Country Club where she introduced herself to guest speaker pro football Hall of Famer Jackie Slater, a four-time NFC Lineman of the Year.

When Mrs. Ruef showed him the NFL media book he asked, “Where did you get this?” 

She said he was excited to see pictures of buddies he played with in the past and signed his name over his picture.

Mrs. Ruef said she was delighted to share her football adventure with the community she loves.

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