A 24-year-old woman arrested in August 2018 in Chino on suspicion of kidnapping and attempted murder is among three West Valley Detention Center inmates charged with attacking a female jail deputy Nov. 13.

Kyanna Renee Patterson, 24, Rose Villalobos, 32, and Amber Tena, 34, are facing several charges in the 6:13 p.m. attack in one of the housing units at the West Valley Detention Center, which is located at 9500 Etiwanda Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga.

The injured deputy was supervising inmates when she came across two inmates lying on the ground, said San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jodi Miller.

“One of the inmates (Ms. Patterson) appeared to be having a seizure and the other (Ms. Villalobos) appeared to be assisting her,” Mrs. Miller said. “As the deputy approached them, Ms. Villalobos stood up and threw a cup of vomit onto the deputy’s face.”

Ms. Villalobos continued attacking the deputies, and at one point, slashed the deputy’s face with a razor. She then grabbed the deputy’s radio and used it to strike the deputy several times in the head, Mrs. Miller said.

“Ms. Patterson threw a cup at the deputy, striking her in the chest. Additional deputies responded to the housing segment and were able to detain the inmates,” Mrs. Miller said.

An investigation showed Ms. Tena helped coordinate the assault, alerting the two inmates when to attack as the female deputy walked to their cell, the spokeswoman said.

The unidentified deputy was taken to a hospital and was later released.

Ms. Tena has been booked at the jail since August on suspicion of being a prisoner who manufactured a weapon and Ms. Villalobos has been there since April on an assault charge.

Ms. Patterson was arrested in August 2018 with her sister, Brittney Starr Patterson, on suspicion of kidnapping and attempted murder after a 28-year-old woman was strangled with a cord during a disagreement in the parking lot of a Circle K store in Chino. 

Chino Police rushed to the parking lot at 12895 Mountain Ave. on report of a passenger inside a car screaming for help, police said. 

Officers located the vehicle at Benson Avenue, but the driver sped away.

The driver continued to speed away until crashing into two cars in the intersection of 10th Street and Riverside Drive. 

Both women ran but were caught minutes later in the 12900 block of Ninth Street.

When officers walked up to the Kia, they discovered the unconscious victim still alive in the passenger seat with a cord wrapped around her neck, police said. 

The three women were traveling from Los Angeles to Indio when they decided to stop in Chino to rest. When the victim fell asleep, the two other women began to suffocate and strangle the victim until she was unconscious, police said.

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