Uniforms don't comply

Photo by Jerry Soifer

Some Chino Hills High basketball uniforms, worn here by senior forward Eli Scott, do not comply with national uniform rules, according to CIF-Southern Section. The school plans to make all road jerseys adhere to national rules.


The dark green uniforms with the dark lettering and numbers that the nation’s No. 1-ranked high school boys basketball team has worn only a couple times this year will no longer be allowed by CIF-Southern Section.

During play, the dark letters and numbers become almost invisible against the green background.

Those uniforms, worn only for road games by the Chino Hills High School team, must be changed, said CIF-Southern Section spokesman Thom Simmons.

CIF-SS assistant commissioner of basketball Rainer Wulf has told the school’s athletic administration the uniforms will not be allowed, Mr. Simmons said. The school assured Mr. Wulf that it will comply, the spokesman added.

The team will not be punished for wearing the uniforms, Mr. Simmons said, but a sanction could be handed out if no attempt is made to comply with the rules.

“The NFHS rule book states that an official may apply a technical foul at the start of the game to the offending team,” Mr. Simmons said. Fortunately, for the Huskies, no technical fouls were called while they wore the illegal uniforms in a game.

Chino Hills High interim athletic director Jeff Schuld said the uniforms would be legal by the time the Huskies were to take the floor Friday night at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga.

“The jerseys we wore were actually temporary jerseys until we received the new ones. The new jerseys did not come in time for our last road game,” Mr. Schuld said. “Our new away jerseys are dark hunter green with white lettering and numbering.”

Mr. Schuld said no technical fouls were called because of the jerseys. 

Chino Hills is in the midst of a 54-game winning streak, dating to the start of the 2015-16 season. The team had won its first 18 games of the season going into Friday night’s game. 

The Baseline League game at Los Osos High School was to be played after Champion press time.

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