=The Caballero family has added an American flag to the doorway of the familiar red barn on Peyton Drive and Eucalyptus Avenue transforming the 10-acre ranch into a picturesque scene of Americana. 

Residents have noticed the addition stating that the red barn on the hill resembles the rural look of Chino Hills in its early days.

The family displayed the flag for the Fourth of July and decided they did not want to take it down.

Steve Caballero said he enjoys waking up and seeing the flag while he’s tending his Red Angus cattle.

The lone bull is named “Bushwhacker” and his favorite cow is Ginger.

The family ran cattle in the Chino Valley for generations and owned a dairy and the former Caballero Feed in Ontario.

The red barn cherished by the community was built by his grandfather in 1955.

The ranch contains a feeder silo, an adjacent barn, numerous structures, corrals, large pepper trees that provide ample shade, and most recently--chickens.

Mr. Caballero said he bought his son Ryan a rooster and four hens when the coronavirus pandemic hit, and they provide a steady supply of eggs.

Mr. Caballero, who has lived at the ranch since 1999, said he appreciates raising his young children on the ranch.

A lone mule named Doodler known as the Chino Hills mascot roams the land.

The ranch is one of the few remaining rural slices of Chino Hills, surrounded by residential properties, the Mormon Church, and Community Park.

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