The Chino City Council awarded contracts on Sept. 1 for the following projects:   

Sewer relining 

Sancon Technologies, Inc., Huntington Beach, was awarded a $319,315 contract for relining eight segments requiring rehabilitation work. Expenditures were authorized of up to $31,931 for construction management, $15,965 for inspection costs and $31,931 for construction contingency.  

The council also awarded a construction contract of $281,841 to Sancon for sewer reline at various locations and authorized contingencies up to $28,184.

City staff discovered that the sewer line along the alley between Ninth and 10th streets needed repairs and re-lining. 

A contract change order of $53,550 is to repair and line the sewer section between Riverside Drive and B Street. 

According to the Sept. 1 staff report, this work will save the city from future repairs after the new alley paving projects are completed.   

Bicycle access 

A construction contract of $165,575 was awarded to Cal Stripe, Inc., Colton, for removing and replacing traffic signs and posts, sandblasting, installation of striping, pavement markings, crosswalks and pavement markers for the construction of new bicycle lanes in various areas of the city. 

It authorizes expenditures of up to $16,558 for project contingencies, $16,558 for construction management costs and $16,558 for inspection costs. 

Riverside Drive corridor 

A professional services agreement was awarded to Geo-Advantec Inc., San Dimas, in the amount of $76,170 with expenditures of up to $7,617 for geotechnical contract contingencies. 

Geotechnical analysis and recommendations will be given during the construction process of multiple projects along the Riverside Drive corridor to include street rehabilitation, traffic signal modification and storm drain from 11th Street-Chino Avenue to Riverside Drive. 

Trench backfill inspection, laboratory testing and subgrade analysis will be conducted in tandem with the construction. The company is currently providing similar geotechnical services for the city.  

Sewer connections 

The Monte Vista Water District held a special meeting Sept. 2 to explore providing sewer services in unincorporated areas of Chino. 

The city council on Sept. 1 approved a letter sent to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors regarding sewer connections in those areas which are under Chino’s sphere of influence.  

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 15 in council chambers, 13220 Central Ave.    

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