Boys Republic staff and students began production of more than 30,000 Della Robbia wreaths last week, a tradition entering its 98th year.

The wreaths, designed with Pacific Northwest evergreen boughs encrusted with pine cones and seed pods, are being shipped around the world from Boys Republic in Chino Hills, a residential community for troubled youth. 

“Last year, we sold around 31,000, and we expect a little more than that this year based on sales we have seen so far,” executive director Chris Burns said. “I’ve heard a lot of stories from people whose moms and dads had purchased wreaths and they are continuing the tradition.” 

A few companies purchase wreaths as holiday gifts for their employees, he added. 

The wreath program is one of Boys Republic’s largest fundraisers.

A 22-inch diameter wreath sells for $58.95, and the 28-inch wreath is selling for $79.95. Taxes, shipping and handling are included. 

The all-natural wreaths contain noble fir evergreens with flower eucalyptus from Ventura and Whittier, California; pine cones from the Sierra Nevada Mountains; plumosum native to Israel and South Africa; apples and lemons that are hand-rubbed in alcohol and lacquered to keep them colorful and plump; bottle tree pod from San Fernando Valley; and lotus pod, and a water lily seed casing with many of the seeds still intact, gathered from area lakes and ponds. 

Orders will be shipped through Dec. 10. 

Wreaths can be ordered at or by calling (800) 833-7769. 

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