Pastor Brian Benson (left) and Pastor Jody Moore

Pastor Brian Benson (left) and Pastor Jody Moore are inviting men of the community to a breakfast gathering June 12.

Chino Valley Community Church in Chino Hills and Transformation Church in Chino are reaching out to men in the community for a breakfast gathering at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 12.

Pastor Brian Benson and Pastor Jody Moore will give messages of unity at the event hosted by Chino Valley Community Church, 14601 Peyton Drive in Chino Hills.

Cost is $10 per person.

Pastor Moore (Transformation) and Pastor Benson (Chino Valley Community) have been friends for more than 20 years and their churches are just a few miles apart.

After their friendship became stronger during the tumultuous national events of 2020 over race, politics, and health, they decided to co-host the event to empower and encourage men of the Chino Valley.

“Pastor Jody and I believe this past year has created a great disunity within our culture and within the church,” Pastor Benson said. “We have allowed political differences and societal concerns to drive us apart as Christians instead of pulling us together.”

The pastors believe it is time to start talking about the power and purpose of unity and discover how Christian men should be a part of the transformation.

The friends have wrestled through challenging issues together and found a renewed love and unity in their desire to honor God. 

“If God can do that with us, we are convinced God can do that within the Christian community of the Chino Valley,” said Pastor Benson. “Truthfully, Jody and I are still wrestling and growing together, but we are also more unified as well.”

The two pastors attended the George Floyd protest in Chino Hills last year when 350 residents gathered on Grand Avenue and Peyton Drive.

Pastor Benson said at the time that the protest was just one mile away from his home but a “long way out of his comfort zone.”

He said he attended to listen and to understand. 

Pastor Benson holds a quarterly men’s breakfast at his church and the joint breakfast will be in the same format.

During the breakfast, men will hear a message about how the Bible emphasizes unity within the Christian community and how to achieve that goal despite distractions.

To register, visit or contact Chino Valley Community Church at (909) 606-4848.

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