Sam and Teri Lobo home

Family and friends gather in front of the 14th Street home in Chino of Sam and Teri Lobo after they threw the couple a drive-by birthday celebration March 21. Mr. Lobo turned 82 and Mrs. Lobo turned 80. The couple moved into their Chino home on June 18, 1966 after they were married.

Lifelong Chino residents Sam and Teri Lobo celebrated their 82nd and 80th birthdays, respectively, earlier this month as friends and family had a drive-through celebration because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The couple, who never had children of their own, wore celebratory T-shirts marking the occassion. Mr. Lobo’s T-shirt read “Legends were born in March 1939” while Mrs. Lobo’s shirt “This Queen Makes 80 Look Fabulous.” 

“Their lives touched a great deal of people who consider them part of their own families,” said friend Gilbert Sanchez. “They really are a loving pair of folks who we treasure and are proud to call friends.” 

Mr. and Mrs. Lobo worked in education, and through the ministry at Chino Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church on Central Avenue, worked with the youth clubs, and bible study. “They make a presence in our community.” 

Mr. Lobo graduated from Chino High in 1957. Two years later, Mrs. Lobo graduated from the school. 

They met at an egg packing plant that was located at what is currently Central Avenue and Philadelphia Street in Chino. 

They married on June 18, 1966 and moved into their 14th Street house that they still reside.  

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