Drugs, weapons found inside car in parking lot in Chino; 21-year-old from Chino Hills arrested

Several individually packaged drugs, a rifle and a pistol were found inside a car during a check of a vehicle Monday night in a parking lot at Eucalyptus and Ramona avenues in Chino. Chino Hills resident Joshua Koening, 21, was arrested and booked on $50,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

(Chino police photo)

Drugs that were individually packaged for sale, two guns and ammunition were found inside a car during a traffic stop late Monday night in a parking lot at Ramona and Eucalyptus avenues in Chino.

Joshua Koening, 21, of Chino Hills, was arrested on suspicion of possessing narcotics for sale, possession of narcotics while armed, possessing a large capacity magazine and carrying a loaded firearm, according to San Bernardino County jail records.

Bail was set at $50,000. Mr. Koening is scheduled to appear in a West Valley Superior Court room Thursday, records show.

Chino police conducted a check on an occupied vehicle near the McDonald’s restaurant on Ramona Avenue, seeing a driver who was asleep and slumped over the steering wheel, said Sgt. Nancy Franklin.

“Officers observed drug paraphernalia on his lap and in plain view on the front passenger seat was a plastic container with numerous narcotics,” Sgt. Franklin said.

The driver allowed officers to search his vehicle.

Officers found more than 45 grams of cocaine, 187 Oxycontin tablets, 22 grams of ectasy and 641 Xanax tablets, the sergeant said.

“Most of the drugs located were individually packed to be sold,” Sgt. Franklin said.

A drug scale and several baggies were also found.

Officers search the car's trunk and found a loaded Kel Tec 9MM carbine rifle, a loaded High Point 9MM pistol and three pistol magazines.

“One of the three pistol magazines was a high capacity Glock 30 round magazine,” Sgt. Franklin said. “Thirty 9MM rounds were also located in the truck of the vehicle.”

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