The Main Street area of the Preserve is being proposed for a redesign to create a downtown-like atmosphere with bigger parks that will accommodate an art walk for farmer’s markets, street fairs, and community events.

On Monday, the Chino Planning Commission unanimously recommended a revision of the Preserve specific plan to create a two-lane street design with angled parking on both sides of the street from Pine Avenue to Chino Corona Road. 

The plan will come before the City Council at a future meeting.

The previous wide boulevard design, first adopted in 2003, was determined to be impractical for the current needs of the Preserve.

Maria Staar, Senior Planner for the City of Chino, said the revised use of parkland is intended to create a more inviting environment for residents to gather.

The first 9.75-acre park, originally planned within the median on Main Street, has been relocated north of Academy Street on the east side of Main to create a 20-foot-wide art walk designed with a double row of trees.

The second park will include an amphitheater and green space for outdoor events, to be located in the same area as the first park on the east side of Main.

The third park area will be incorporated into a three-acre pocket park west of Main. An additional three acres of parkland is proposed at the southwest corner of Legacy Park and Main Street across from a future clubhouse.

An 8-acre park at the southeast corner of Main Street and East Preserve Loop Road is proposed to increase to a 12-acre park.

“The direction that we’re moving in is going to make the Preserve a more livable and enjoyable place for residents and we should be proud of it,” Commissioner Robert Nastase said.

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