Charging station

Tesla is proposing to install a V3 Supercharger electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot between Wood Ranch Barbecue Restaurant and P.F. Chang’s at The Shoppes at Chino Hills.

Tesla devotees have their fingers crossed. 

Tesla, Inc. submitted building plans Aug. 14 to the City of Chino Hills for an electric vehicle (EV) charging station in The Shoppes at Chino Hills parking lot.

The proposal is for Tesla to convert 17 parking spaces into 16 electric vehicle spaces and one handicapped space between Wood Ranch BBQ and P.F. Chang's on the north side of the parking lot.

The chargers are located closer to P.F. Chang's and the main switch gear and equipment cabinets are proposed in the landscaped area between the back of  P.F. Chang’s and Grand Ave, said building official Winston Ward.

Community development director Joann Lombardo said Assembly Bill 1236 requires cities to expedite and streamline the permitting process for EV charging stations. 

"In compliance with this requirement, staff is reviewing the proposal through a zoning clearance, which is a staff-level review," she said. 

City staff is checking to see if it complies with conditions of The Shoppes Specific Plan including screening from Grand Avenue.

Last year, a Tesla representative approached the city and was told that the station’s large size would have caused the removal of required parking spaces and landscape.

The representative was informed that The Shoppes is governed by both a Specific Plan and development agreement.

The Tesla Supercharger allows Tesla owners to charge their cars in less than an hour, said Mr. Ward.

Destination chargers have a slower charging speed than Superchargers, he said.

A TMC (Tesla Motors Club) discussion group has been speculating about whether the Supercharger would be built in Chino Hills or near the Target in Chino on Grand Avenue. 

According to Chino spokesperson Vivian Castro, there have been no applications submitted by Tesla for a charging station in Chino to date.

Tesla fans are generally in the age range of 20s to 40s, male, eco-friendly, tech-savvy, and entry-level luxury buyers, according to tech blogs and investor websites.

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