After waiting their turn under a parking lot awning, customers stepped onto the sidewalk in front of Chino Hills Barbers to get a haircut in the warm morning air.

Christian Garcia, one of three barbers cutting hair Tuesday morning, said the business is getting shout outs from patrons of the Chino Hills Marketplace and new clients are dropping in.

Since opening last week, the barber shop has picked up business through word-of-mouth and social media sharing, Mr. Garcia said.

“It was a great experience,” said 18-year-old Alex Winter of Chino taking off his cape.

He had searched online to find a place that was open and found it on the northwest corner of Pipeline and Eucalyptus avenues.

Mr. Garcia of Upland said he was disappointed when the governor shut down barber shops May 26 after allowing them to reopen, but grateful the order was somewhat reversed July 13 when they were allowed to reopen outdoors.

Other businesses given the green light to open outdoors included places of worship, fitness centers, hair salons, malls and offices for non-essential sectors.

Barber Omar Gutierrez of Chino Hills said the coronavirus is hurting everybody. “It’s hard,” he said. “The bills don’t stop. We have to work.”

Barber Rafael Ponce of Ontario said some businesses that are forbidden to operate indoors continue to do so, while others are following the rules at great inconvenience.

Mr. Ponce said he opened a restaurant two years ago in Apple Valley. “I’m about to lose everything,” he said.

He has observed three groups of people impacted by coronavirus: the hard workers, those who are forced to stay home because their workplaces are closed, and those who are staying home because they’re making more money than they would if they were working.

Making a living at the barbershop has been a blessing, Mr. Ponce said. “So many don’t have the opportunity to work.”

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