Residents who want to “listen in” on the Tres Hermanos Conservation Authority (THCA) will be able to make a phone call at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16 to learn about the direction the group has been taking over the last couple of years.

Pre-COVID, the meetings were held in the City of Industry council chambers on Stafford Street but residents can now avoid the evening traffic nightmare and “attend” from the comfort of their homes. 

Meetings are typically less than an hour, depending on the discussion. 

Call 1-657-204-3264 and enter 231261369#. 

THCA consists of councilpersons and officials from the cities of Chino Hills, Industry and Diamond Bar who meet monthly to discuss the governance of the 2,500-acre ranchland called “Tres Hermanos.”

The ranch is on both sides of Grand Avenue between Chino Hills and Diamond Bar with approximately 1,750 acres in Chino Hills and 695 acres in Diamond Bar.

City of Industry City Manager Troy Helling is the executive director of THCA.

In a historic agreement in February 2019, the City of Industry agreed to transfer ownership of the ranch to THCA. 

The undeveloped cattle ranch is bound by a deed restriction limiting the use for “open space, public use or preservation.”

During the meeting, the board will discuss an agreement with C & C Engineering for on-call professional civil engineering and field operation management services, changes to the bylaws, and a presentation by Red Bucket Equine Rescue located on English Road in Chino Hills to discuss a potential partnership agreement with Tres Hermanos.

Property manager

The proposed agreement with C & C Engineering in the amount of $85,000 for 3½ year would include on-call duties including coordinating property maintenance at the tenant house for plumbing and electrical repairs, inspections, painting, tree trimming, cattle rancher coordination and management and utility coordination.

Engineering tasks would include conducting water surface elevation measurements at the Arnold Reservoir Dam, addressing drainage issues, roadway improvements, and grading design.

According to a staff report, Mr. Helling has determined that a request for proposal is unnecessary because C & C is the best provider based on its extensive history with the Tres Hermanos Ranch property and its demonstrated ability to manage the property for minimal costs.

Bylaws changes

THCA will also discuss changing some of its bylaws. 

According to a staff report, the Authority has now operated for almost two years and opportunities have been identified by staff to improve and build upon roles and responsibilities.

Expected changes to the bylaws will include designating Chino Hills City Hall as the office where all official records will be retained, designate the Chino Hills City Clerk as the filing officer for disclosures, conflicts of interest and other requirements of the Political Reform Act, and designate the Chino Hills Finance Director as treasurer, not subject to future rotation, because the city has the finance, accounts payable and auditing system established and is willing to retain its current role as treasurer.

Chino Hills has asked that it be reimbursed approximately $30,000 per year for the services of the treasurer.

According to a staff report, the treasurer’s role and finance duties take approximately 20 hours a month to complete. 

Red Bucket

There was no staff report contained in the agenda on the proposed partnership with Red Bucket Equine Rescue. A representative of the horse rescue is expected to make a presentation.

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