Proposed Shady View development

An image of the proposed Shady View development shows the ratio and proposed houses to open space. The inset with the words “not part of project” represents a residence and surrounding land.

Approximately 130 acres of low rolling canyons, ridges, and a large hillside will be developed into a 159 single-family home housing project by Trumark Homes at the southern edge of Chino Hills to be called “Shady View.”

As part of the project, oil storage tanks and oil transmission lines will have to be relocated to a location west of the residences.

The former Abacherli property is located at the southern end of Shady View Drive and Via La Cresta in Butterfield.

The city has determined that an environmental impact report is required, and public input was taken during a meeting held July 8 at McCoy Equestrian Center that will be incorporated into the document.

The Shady View development will include a community recreation center and 72 acres of homeowners’ association-maintained open space.

Houses will range from 2,381-square-feet to 3,888-square-feet with 53 single-story homes and 106 two-story homes.

Earthquake fault

Site work and grading are expected to occur west of the proposed residential development to allow for stabilization of an existing earthquake fault, according to the initial study.

The Chino Fault, considered an active fault, runs in a general northwest to southeast direction paralleling Butterfield Ranch Road.

Trumark conducted research and testing and dug deep trenches to find the precise location of the fault.

Oil operations

Site work and grading are also expected to relocate existing oil storage tanks and oil transmission lines, according to the study.

The relocated above ground oil storage tanks are proposed in the northwestern portion of the site on a 1.27-acre lot near the western boundary and west of the residences. 

According to the initial study: the relocated pipelines would connect the new tanks with oil facilities to the west of the project site.

Three existing aboveground oil storage tanks, oil pipelines, scrapyard and storage area, split wood storage, soil piles and two trenches containing construction debris are on the property.

The three tanks include an emergency oil-water tank, an oil-water wash tank, and oil stock tank. The emergency tank is not in operation.

Each of the existing three tanks has a 1,000-oil-barrel capacity and are owned by Optima Conservation Resources Exploration, LLC and are associated with oil exploration activities on an adjacent property to the west and northwest.

The adjacent oil operations are part of a facility that consists of two land leases (Abacherli and Langstaff) and produces five to 25 barrels of oil and three to eight barrels of water per day.

The oil operations on the Abacherli lease include 12 actively producing wells. Various pipelines collect extracted crude oil from the Abacherli lease facilities on an adjacent property to the west and pipe them to the three tanks on the site.

These pipelines traverse the central main canyon that transects the site from west to east. 

Oil tank removal

The project would require the removal of three existing aboveground oil storage tanks and construction of three new aboveground oil storage tanks. 

Associate pipeline and other ancillary equipment would be removed from its current location and relocated with the tanks.

The decommission and removal of the tanks and the re-routing of pipelines and valves to the new proposed tanks would be conducted in accordance with environmental regulations.


Grading would include approximately 2,107,000 cubic yards of cut and 2,114,000 cubic yards of fill.

Lot and utility spoils would be used to balance the site, and no import or export associated with grading is expected to occur.

Soil near the oil tanks is expected to be classified as a non-hazardous petroleum-impacted soil and will require export offsite.

Residents who would like to view the 93-page document called an “initial study” will find it online by visiting, or at the library, or in the community development department at city hall, 14000 City Center Drive.

Written comments will be accepted up to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 27.

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