In an effort to address an increase in code violations, the City of Chino will add four new positions to its code compliance division.

On Nov. 16, the Chino City Council unanimously approved a resolution to add a new full-time code compliance technician, two full-time code compliance inspectors, and one part-time code compliance inspector to address the issue.

The city currently has 4.5 code compliance inspectors but more are needed to deal with an increase in unauthorized activities such as unlicensed vending and a rise in population numbers, according to a city staff report.

Within the last five years, code compliance inspectors have performed an average of 11,226 inspections per year, compared with past years when the average number of inspections was 7,724 per year.

Chino Deputy Director of Development Services Michael Heroux told the council that with more residential units, there is a greater potential for code violations.

Mayor Eunice Ulloa requested that after the changes are implemented, she would like an update in March or April on how the increase in staff is playing out.

Chino resident Stubbie Barr urged councilmembers to approve the resolution. “Code enforcement staff is restricted to just being reactive right now,” Mr. Barr said. “They don’t have a chance to get out there and be proactive because they’re so understaffed. I think this is a great first step.”

The code compliance technician will provide full-time office support to allow for a greater number of code cases to be processed on an annual basis.

Mr. Heroux estimated that the division will be able to cover 1,143 additional code cases and 8,800 additional inspections.

“This is a long time coming (because) the city’s growing and continues to grow,” Councilman Marc Lucio said. “I think it’s something we definitely need to do.” The reorganization will result in an increased salary cost of $291,274, according to a staff report.

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