Bill’s Barber Shop

Bill Covington (left) and Nick Roberts opened Bill’s Barber Shop in Chino last week. They appear beside a photo and advertisement from 1952 when the barber shop was established as the Big W Barber Shop. The musket is from the Civil War era. The barber shop is on Riverside Drive next to Flo’s #2 Family Restaurant. Services include haircuts with discounts for veterans and seniors, shaves, and beard trims. Complimentary beer is available.

An old-time Chino barber shop has been restored to its former glory by two men who took ownership of the business in mid-June. 

Bill’s Barber Shop, formerly the Big W Barber Shop established in 1952 at 5662 Riverside Drive, opened for business last week when the state lifted restrictions on barber shops. 

One stylist works there, Ana Ramirez, an employee for the last 10 years. 

The owners, lifelong Chino resident Nick Roberts and former Chino resident Bill Covington, are looking to hire a few more stylists. 

They removed several chairs during remodeling and currently the shop has five barber chairs.   

They purchased two 10-foot mahogany church pews said to be 75 years old from a church in Los Angeles, that line the front windows of the shop for indoor seating. 

The room holds several antiques and old photos of Chino, some gifted from the Chino Historical Society. 

Mr. Covington said he hopes the Chino community will visit the shop and reconnect over shared history.   

“Come in, relax, have a drink, and remember the old times in Chino,” he said. 

Residents who have old photos of the barber shop or area are welcome to bring them in, he said. 

The owners plan to revive marketing practices that locals remember and have shared on the Facebook group “Chino Memories- Yesterday and Today” operated by Chino resident Kerry Cisneroz. 

Childhood memories from haircuts at the Big W include a lollipop tree and a coupon for a free Slurpee from the  nearby 7-Eleven. 

The restoration work was done by the two men, both U.S. Marine veterans, who spent hours scrubbing the floors and sinks, rebuilding the barber chairs and stripping paneling from walls. 

Behind the walls they discovered an original door and window to the barber shop established in 1952 by B.K. Beaty.  

The Big W Ranch once spanned more than 90 acres from Benson to Central avenues and Walnut Avenue to Riverside Drive.  

Older residents recall a community swimming pool behind the barber shop until a pool was built at Chino High.   

The ranch house on the property was cleared in 1960, according to Champion archives. 

The Villalpando family owned and operated the Big W Barber Shop from 1994 to this year.

The business has a Facebook page called Bills Barbershop Chino. Information: 306-7190.  


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