Police surveillance equipment and security cameras are included in a proposal by the City of Chino to receive its allotment of $1.1 million in COVID relief funds. 

The funds are only available for infrastructure projects that address problems related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

They also require a 1:1 cash match by the city. 

“We’ve seen an uptick in crimes in certain categories such as robbery, theft and vandalism, that are attributed to COVID,” Chino deputy city manager Vivian Castro said.   

She said unemployment and school closures because of the pandemic are resulting in more of these types of crimes. 

“The equipment will allow us to do virtual policing without the need for additional staffing,” she said.  

The city council on Nov. 3 approved a proposal that includes $255,800 for video surveillance software and cameras to be installed throughout the city. 

Also included are $90,000 for security cameras at city facilities and parks and $28,000 for mobile cameras to provide additional security and documentation. 

Ms. Castro said the city did not have a location list for where the security cameras would be placed and the cameras will not be used for facial recognition or as license plate readers.

The council at a future date will review an additional proposal for $532,000 to add more mobile computer terminals to the police department to minimize the sharing of equipment among its users, she said.    

More funds 


San Bernardino County is releasing additional federal funds available under specific guidelines through the San Bernardino County CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund for Local Governments for Projects. 

The City of Chino was notified last month of its eligibility for a $1,100,241 allocation. 

Ms. Castro said the projects proposed by the city will be considered for funding through an application process similar to a grant. 

The council on Nov. 3 voted to appropriate the $1,100,241 of revenue to the General Fund, appropriate $1,650,000 of project expenditures to the General Fund, and authorize the use of General Fund reserves for the 1:1 match per the county agreement.

If approved for funding, the city will be reimbursed by the county for projects up to $1.1 million. 

A response is expected by Oct. 30. 

Infrastructure for city operations 

The city council also approved expenditures not to exceed $767,400 by Dec. 30 to support remote city operations. The projects are: upgraded technology including firewalls at city hall and police department ($268,000); a multifactor authentication (MFA) system to help protect and identify users accessing city systems remotely ($45,000); desktop server ($75,000); video conference systems ($71,400) and virtual desktop infrastructure storage to increase the capacity for more remote users ($308,000). 

Cellular towers, city facilities, freezers   

The council also approved the following projects in the funding proposal:   

•Install wireless cellular towers and antennae in the Preserve area to fix coverage gaps and weak signal strength that create obstacles to remote work and leaning during the pandemic.

 The cost is not to exceed $200,000 with a $100,000 match funded by the city and/or private cellular carriers that will install the equipment. 

•Automate city facilities, including parks, with hands-free doors, water faucets and toilet handles to reduce physical contact with high contact surfaces. 

Cost is $220,000 with $110,000 city match through the General Fund.

•Purchase two commercial freezers costing $9,000 for the Chino Senior Center to store food for seniors and families in need. 

A $4,500 match is through the General Fund.      

•ADA compliance software for the city’s website costing $2,600.  

•Computers and furniture to provide 10 student work nstations at Monte Vista Park for remote classwork access costing $45,000.  

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