Monte Vista Water District was awarded a $3.4 million grant from the Department of Water Resources that will partially fund a treatment project necessary to meet stricter water quality regulations. 

The water district provides retail and wholesale water supply services to a population of about 140,000 in the communities of Montclair, Chino Hills and portions of Chino.

The grant provides approximately 25 percent of the cost for the Plant 30 Wellhead Treatment Project, which is slated to begin summer 2020.

Funding was made possible by Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond approved by California voters in 2014.

The district collaborated with the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority on accessing a portion of the $51 million of Proposition 1 grant funding allocated to the region for integrated water management projects. 

The lengthy and highly competitive application process required a detailed written application, project presentations and panel interviews.

Monte Vista Water District’s Plant 30 Wellhead Treatment Project will add granular-activated carbon (GAC) and ion exchange technology to the water treatment process in order to meet stricter regulations implemented by the State’s Division of Drinking Water. 

The project will include the installation of 12 GAC vessels, each approximately 10 feet in diameter and 18 feet tall, as well as four slightly larger ion exchange vessels. 

“Monte Vista Water District is committed to providing high quality drinking water,” said Sandra Rose, President of the Board of Directors. “When stricter regulations were recently passed, the district immediately began planning for necessary changes to its treatment process in order to meet those higher water quality standards”

While most of the construction will occur on Monte Vista Water District property, pipelines will also be installed on Benson Avenue between Palo Verde Street and Orchard Street. 

It will carry water from two other well sites to be treated at this facility. Monte Vista Water District staff is working closely with the cities of Montclair and Ontario as well as the Ontario-Montclair School District to coordinate construction and reduce impacts to residents and nearby schools.

Construction is anticipated to begin this summer and take one year to complete. 

The Plant 30 Wellhead Treatment Project is the largest infrastructure project the district has undertaken in its 93-year history.

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