Lucinda Jean Swartwood

Lucinda Jean Swartwood

Oct. 28, 1943-Sept. 9, 2020

Dear Cindy:

My beautiful bride of 58 years, you are truly the love of my life. I remember the day we met in 1957 at the school bus stop. You were the new little cute girl in town. I had been away working all summer, so I didn’t know about you. Since that moment at the bus stop we have been together 62 years. Wow! That was definitely love at first sight. 

After leaving high school, me in 1960 and you in 1961, we were married. 

On January 5, 1962, (Happy Anniversary, my love) you became my wife. Honey, you are the best wife I could have ever asked for. I love you so very much!

After a few years of scraping the bottom of the barrel, we survived! We went into the carnival business with my Uncle Joe. Through many years of hard work, we were successful. We even bought out my uncle in 1994 and moved on to bigger and better business ventures. I did the heavy lifting, moving equipment, driving, maintenance, etc. You helped me do so many things. Then you would go home, and the real work would begin. You handled all the office work, all the books, the phones and the payroll. All our success was due to all your hard work. Without you we would have never succeeded. You made the wheels turn. 

You were the best partner I could have ever had in business, the best partner in love and the best partner in marriage. You were the best mother, the best grandmother and the best great grandmother in the world! You were so dedicated to your family-sons, Steven and wife Mary, Bobby and wife Tammy; grand kids, Megan and husband Bryon Alejandrino, Steven and wife Michelle Swartwood, Bobby, Jono, and Mandy; great-grandchildren, Riley, Ronin, River and Taylor (who is in heaven with you), Stevie and Lily.

You were the lady who helped everybody and asked for nothing in return. Thank you for everything! I love you very much! I miss you so very much. You are always on my mind. Good job, Cindy (blue eyes). I can’t wait to see you in heaven. Goodbye for now. Rest in peace sweetheart.

Your husband and lover for 62 years, 


P.S. I am taking good care of your dogs. God bless until we meet again.

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