George W. (Buchy) Butler Jr.

George W. (Buchy) Butler Jr.

February 11th, 1942  - February 28th, 2020

George W. (Buchy) Butler Jr. passed away in his home on the morning of February 28th, 2020, peacefully with his immediate and extended family. Though raised in California, George was born February 11th, 1942, in Michigan. Following highschool, he joined the United States Airforce and was positioned as an airman in Grand Forks, North Dakota. After his service, George’s primary profession was with Simpson, a prominent paper mill. He developed his career with Simpson for several decades. 

In the late 60s, George moved to Chino Hills. After meeting his late wife, Joyce Butler, in Ontario CA, George developed a fondness for fishing and hunting, as well as other sports, with his family, especially his children. He coached little league and soccer for many years, in addition to assisting with 4-H and FFA. As his kids got older, he went on to become the Chino National Little League District Administrator. 

In his later years, George became more involved in larger community projects. He and his wife, Joyce, established Supporting Our Area Residence (SOAR), an organization that assisted elderly community members with minor household improvements - installing handicap ramps, landscaping and yard maintenance, as well as tackling everyday household tasks. The goal of SOAR was to generate more care and support opportunities for older residents. George also helped found Caring for the Hills, another local organization that assisted city residents, while participating in Meals on Wheels and holiday food drives. As active participants in services and frequent voices at city council meetings, both George and Joyce were recognized as true community heros in 2007. 

Despite the demands of his career and the needs of his community, George made sure his family was the focal point of his livelihood. Unconditionally, George took care of his children and grandchildren; even in the face of adversity, he was supportive, showing his family the value of patience and resilience. 

George Butler is survived by his children - Patty, Tammy Turner, Barbara and Shawn Turner, Brian and Grace Butler, Jimmie and Jennifer Lunsford - grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his sisters, Carol Sue Butler and Holly J. Butler, as well as his extended family, Daniel and Melody Lopez. However, he will be joining his wife, Joyce, his son, Edward, his sister, Cheryl, his parents, Betty and George Sr., and his brother-in-law, Mel. 

Many will mourn George’s loss, but those who knew him are urged to reflect upon his experiences and accomplishments, many of which have impacted us in a profound way. 

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