Jacquelyn Diane Howell

July 29, 1959 - May. 17, 2020

Jackie as she was known to her family was kind and funny.  She loved to cook and entertain friends and family. She loved to shop. Jackie could always tell you where to find the good deals.

A sharp dresser who always took immense pride in her appearance. It was unusual to see her without a fully coordinated outfit from the top of her head to her shoes. Thou she may have not of had a lot she made masterpieces with what she had access to. Her laugh could fill the room and she loved to find the humor in life’s experiences. 

A meal made by her was always a feast and an extra plate was always taken to go. Jackie loved children and would remember a child’s favorite show and what their favorite movie was. 

Whenever she appeared, she always had gifts for the people she cared for. She had 3 children, Kerestin Harris, Justin Jackson and Korri Torres, who will miss her immensely but know she has now found a type of peace, that at times escaped her in life. 

Her joy at becoming a grandmother to, Xavier, Roosevelt, Steven, Harper, and Everly, was evident immediately and was a title that she wore like a badge of honor. 

Our heart aches for those in this family too young to remember and those who will now walk through this life without her in it. 

Jackie taught us to be strong, never to be afraid, and to say what you feel and it is a lesson we try to instill in my our children.  We see it more and more in her grandchildren every day. They certainly have that same fearlessness and spirit that she possessed. 

She was a fierce protector and god forbid you upset her or those she loved (she is probably still looking for you now) we will be eternally grateful for the memories that we have of her. I know she will continue to watch over and protect this family. She leaves an immense hole in our family that will be incredibly hard to fill. To those who knew and loved her please think of her full of life laughing, cooking, smiling, drinking a beer and hitting her famous smirk with her arms crossed when she was mad.  

There will always be unanswered questions and words not said but please go forward knowing she loved you and everyone in the family. 

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