Healthcare is a critical part of everyone’s life and critical to the healthcare system is a blood supply.  Blood drives make it easy to donate with convenient mobile locations.  I donated at the Lifestream mobile lab yesterday at Chino Hills Government Center and want to encourage everyone to do their part in the community to help the Blood Bank build its inventory as new surgeries have increased demand from a shrunken inventory.  While draining a pint of whole blood in the comfort of a La-Z-Boy recliner, I reflected on an article I recently read on Transplant Tourism and organ harvesting.  

In other parts of the world, hospitals are marketing organ transplants to wealthy patients.

For example, a kidney transplant will go for about $200,000 on the internet.  Based on the incentive to offset high medical costs, are Organ Drives that far away?  

India, Singapore, and South Korea are leaders in attracting patients for organ transplants with impoverished countries supplying the organs.  

California is losing potential income and apparently our government leaders have not lost sight of this. With a state population of 40 million people, there are approximately 80 million kidneys in the state and with a wholesale value of $50,000 per kidney, there is over $4 trillion (this is a 4 followed by 12 zeros) worth of kidneys in California alone.  Since one can survive with a single kidney, we have $2 trillion worth of surplus and taxable organs. Taxing kidney value is not far removed from taxing other property or possessions of value, so why are we letting something with this much value go untaxed?  

A bipartisan group of state legislators, Needa Hart, Colin B. Gone, and Rhea Movetnow are spearheading the state’s efforts to realize this as a new revenue source to fund our schools, infrastructure, and global climate change.  

The committee posits the recent success of mass testing and inoculation can easily be a model for state-sponsored organ donation, harvesting, and taxation. The marketing could center around a “Buy California” theme with slogans like, “Why Go To India, Get It Done in Indio,”  “I Gotta Spare, Do You Wanna Share,” or “Don’t KidMey, It’s Just a KidNey.”  

California leads the nation in creatively extracting funds from its citizens with fees and taxes.  As state tourism declines from homeless encampments taking over our beach towns and unabated crime soaring in our cities, the legislators conclude we can do more with less promoting medical tourism.  Come play your new organ in California today.

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