Gen X Focus – Cecil John Howell

I attended high school in Guadalajara, Mexico. At 16, I spent most weekends hanging out with my brother at local shopping malls or dancing at Club Daddy-O. I looked a couple of years older than I was and the bouncers liked having us, so I would never get carded. (Ironically, my bro, who had a couple of years on me, had a "baby face" and would often get

We loved music and dancing, so we went to clubs to dance, not to drink or chase girls. In fact, I never drank, not one drop. As the only "black guys" in a Mexican club, we got mad props from the DJ and attention from girls....and when I stepped on the dance floor, I always drew a crowd. Yeah, I was "the man.” One night, a movie producer approached me and asked if I would like to be in a movie. The role would be as a gangster and I would be paid. I was like, “Fo sho!”

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I like you. A lot.


Cecil, Great to see your article.

I've met and had lunch with Cecil. He is raising some amazing kids. My impression is that he's a great father, coach, and role model.

More of us men should live life, and raise our kids like Cecil does. :-)

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